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طباخ السم لازم يذوقه


جنود الاحتلال اليوم، الجمعة، ٧ شباط، ٢٠١٤، ينهارون اثر استنشاق قليل من السم الذي عادة يطلقونه علينا بكثافة تضاعف بالعشرات هذه الكمية، لكننا، خلافا لهم، نصمد امامه.

السارق دائما جبان.

الصور من المسيرة الاسبوعية في قرية بلعين اليوم، تصوير حمزة برناط.

Photos, from Bilin weekly demo today. Israeli soldiers inhale a bit of the poison they shoot at us massively every other day. The thief is always a coward.

Photos by: Hamza Burnat

soldiers. hamza1




And I’m adding a video too:



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9 thoughts on “طباخ السم لازم يذوقه

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  2. Excellent photographs! Now they know what it does, will they think twice before inflicting it on anyone ?


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  5. Hahaha….stupid zionist Rats.


  6. With best wishes to Sameer and all in the village of Bil’in. They have managed to push the occupation wall back half a kilometre and are growing olive trees on the terraces they installed after claiming their land back. They have also set up a playground area for the children of the village. Hopefully, all the illegal settlers and the army thugs who attack the villagers every week will clear off out of the West Bank and leave the Bil’in villagers in peace.


  7. What a feeling…….feeling believing……


  8. وقريبا سيتذوقون قذارتهم التي يرشونها على الناس والبيوت.


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