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طباخ السم لازم يذوقه

جنود الاحتلال اليوم، الجمعة، ٧ شباط، ٢٠١٤، ينهارون اثر استنشاق قليل من السم الذي عادة يطلقونه علينا بكثافة تضاعف بالعشرات هذه الكمية، لكننا، خلافا لهم، نصمد امامه.

السارق دائما جبان.

الصور من المسيرة الاسبوعية في قرية بلعين اليوم، تصوير حمزة برناط.

Photos, from Bilin weekly demo today. Israeli soldiers inhale a bit of the poison they shoot at us massively every other day. The thief is always a coward.

Photos by: Hamza Burnat Continue reading


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Witness accounts of two Tulkarem teens’ killings contradict Israel’s version

This article was first published on  electronicintifada.net

On Wednesday last week, four young Palestinians decided to protest against the death of Palestinian prisoner Maysara Abuhamdia, a cancer patient who died of medical neglect while in Israeli custody.

Two of the young men — Amer Nassar, 17, and his cousin Naji Biblisi, 19 — were killed at an Israeli military checkpoint during the protests. Another cousin, Diaa Nassar, 18, was arrested and the fourth young man, Fadi Abu Asal, 20, managed to escape with an injury. Continue reading