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Tourism in Israeli settlements: practice shooting Palestinians


Israeli newspaper Yidioth Ahronot published today (June, 18th, 2012) about a tourist’s activity offered by Gush Etzion settlements, where visitors can practice how to shoot “terrorists”.

Stories about such tours both in settlements and army bases are always published, but no serious attention given to such scary culture of hatred and violence. (see here one example in Hebrew from 2003)

Tourists from across the globe visit Gosh Etzion settlements, where they are offered by settlers “enjoyable” package under the name “Hebrew Extreme Tourism” with range of activities that include: story telling about battles, view live shooting performance and an activity where visitors can practice shooting at “terrorists-mechablim”‘s cardboard pictures hung on the wall.

The word used for terrorist in Hebrew is “Mechabel” (mechablim for terrorists). In Israeli discourse this is a synonym for Palestinian.

Yedioth Ahronot cover page, June 18th, 2012


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10 thoughts on “Tourism in Israeli settlements: practice shooting Palestinians

  1. What a sickening activity. I don’t know who is more sick in the head…those who organized this as a tourist activity; or those that participate in it.


  2. This is just a phenomenally bad thing. Little kids being trained to use big guns against faceless -and implicitly humanityless- enemies. Ergh.


  3. Well I thought I have heard and seen everything by now untill I received this link!! How sick can one be? either to go to that fascist/racist country or to be proud to be an Israelian! WAKE UP!


  4. now who is the terriost in the worlds eyes this is the wake up call………


  5. Israel leaders the big liars that they are are telling the world, how Arabs teach their children to hate and kill Jews, fact is, it is THEY Zionist Israelis that teach their kids to hate and kill, they should like at themselves in the mirror to see the real hate and kill mentality. As a Palestinian refugee, I was never told to hate and kill Jews on the contrary. I have three wonderful children of my own that do not practice hate of any kind period….Tolarance, Respect and to be human is the only way…..


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