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Israeli soldier’s T-shirt: “Every Arab mother will cry”

A friend on Facebook, Wa’ed Ghantous, from Haifa, just published this post and I’m sharing it on my blog.

Her sister took this photo today, November 28th, 2016, of a T-shirt wore by an Israeli, most probably a soldier, on the train between Jaffa to Tel Aviv. The T-shirt reads (in Hebrew):

“When earthquake happens and the Indians hit, every Arab mother will cry.”

Worth noting, the term “Indians” is a common name to refer to the Golani Brigade, which is an elite worrier army unit in the Israeli military, that participated in all Israeli wars.

The use the “Indians” in this context, to indicate a thirst for murder is also very disturbing, outrageous and offensive to the Native Americans.


“When earthquake happens and the Indians hit, every Arab mother will cry.”

“When earthquake happens and the Indians hit, every Arab mother will cry.”

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A short comment on #CharlieHebdo and the Media

After #‎CharlieHebdo tragedy mainstream media screens were flooded with “Muslim speakers”. They were all brought just because they were Muslims.

That, by itself has an underlying racist message.

No matter what they say on screen, “Islam doesn’t represent”, “Islam is a religion of peace”, the core of their presence on primetime is to defend Islam, because Islam, as a whole is guilty of this crime.


Nazareth Ilit election Ad: No Arab school. Yes Jewish neighborhoods.

The current Mayor of Natzeret Ilit (Upper Nazareth), Shimon Gapso, has started already his election campaign for the next local council election expected to take place on October 22nd. His election ads, spread all over the city streets, are not about his working to develop the city, rather, how he maintained Natzeret Ilit a “Jewish” city. It’s not on how many new schools he built, rather, how he managed to prevent the establishment of an Arab school! Continue reading


Open Letter from Taiseer Khatib: Raise your voice against Apartheid

I’m bringing here a letter written and distributed by Taiseer Khatib, from Akka (Acre).Taiseer, his wife Lana and two children, Yusra (3) and Adnan (4), are one of the thousands families that will have to live apart, after the approval of Israel high court’s approval to the racist Citizenship Law. They face now a real and ‘legalized’ threat of deportation of Lana back to Jenin.   Continue reading


My story: racial profiling in Israeli airport

Sunday morning, July 10th 2011, Eilat, the southern Israeli city on the red sea:

I arrived to Eilat airport, one hour before the flight, which is reasonable time for local flights. My flight was scheduled at 9:30 in the morning, I waited on the line until my turn for security person to call me, so she calls, I give her my ID. Here comes the look! “oh she is an Arab, this is a real threat and I need to make sure she won’t hit the airport and the flight”

My Arabic name was enough to be a suspect. She left me, and went to her boss, man of course, showed him the ID. “Hey, she is an Arab, ARAB, what should we do with her?”

Meanwhile, other passengers were winning graceful regular questions, “who packed for you? “Do you have anything that looks like weapon?” “Did anyone give you anything to give to someone?”…That’s all. Then, their bags were subject to a regular baggage check and they are free. Continue reading