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عندما يكون “غير يهودي” سفيرا لدولة الاحتلال

بينما تستخدم الدعاية (البروباغاندا) الاسرائيلية تعيين سفراء عرب (او في مناصب عليا اخرى) لترويج وهم “الديمقراطية”، لا يمكن لعربي طبعا ان يكون سفيرا لاسرائيل الا اذا كان هناك رضا كاملا عنه، واذا كان سيردد رواية ودعاية الاستعمار. Continue reading



I’m Omar Saad and I will not be a soldier in your army

Omar Saad, a young (Druze) Palestinian musician from the Galilee village of al-Mughar has received a summon to the Israeli enlistment army. The Druze citizens of Israel are forced to enlist in the Israeli military, since 1956, when conscription law applied to Druze men (not to other Palestinians). Recent studies show that two thirds of Druze youth would not enlist in the Israeli military if given the choice, read more here.

Omar is one of the many Druze youth who refuse to serve in the Israeli military, in his letter below (which I translated from Arabic), he says it all: Continue reading