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A farewell to comrade Mustafa Tamimi


Dear comrade Mustafa

Last Friday, I wasn’t there… I couldn’t make it to Nabi Saleh and I regret.

I could not be there to stand with the brave people of Nabi Saleh in this difficult time, and I could not be there to say good bye.

Please forgive me Mustafa, when I first heard you were shot, and then saw the pictures, I had to struggle with my stomach feeling that you will not make it. And you did not. How would you survive tear gas canister shot in your face from few meters distance, and then delaying your treatment by the Israeli criminal army?

I remember your braveness during Nabi Saleh’s weekly rallies, facing the army with open chest. I apologize to you for not having your courage. Your life doesn’t worth less than mine.

Today, Mustafa, we all cried during the protest we held in Ramallah. We decided first to make it silent, as a symbolic funeral. No one could remain silent, and we chanted like we never did.

It was the first demo I ever attended where most of the protesters were crying. Crying and screaming, crying and chanting, crying and singing.

Your murder Mustafa, made us feel so hopeless and powerless. We ask your forgiveness that we could not save your precious life.

Dear Mustafa, for the time being I’m afraid to make promises, as we have learned not to make promises bigger than us. I can only promise you that I will continue going to Nabi Saleh, I will not give up the hope, exactly as you didn’t. I promise you that your courage will keep inspiring me and giving me strength.

Rest in peace comrade.


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6 thoughts on “A farewell to comrade Mustafa Tamimi

  1. you touched the deep end of my heart and soul we will never be silent


  2. Dear Abir.I always have the problem of what to say when we loose those great men and woman who devoted their life to the freedom of palestine.
    All what one could say is that no force on this earth would stop the Birth of our beautiful Palestine. i hope mustafa soul rest in peace.
    my warmest condolences to his family and friends


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  4. Again, another heinous murder by criminal state of Israel, perpetrated on yet another brave Palestinian resistor that is fed up by the most brutal entity ever existed. Another brave Palestinian resistor brutally killed by criminal state of Israel, without remorse or accountability. This brave Palestinian resistor is no defferant from all other brave Palestinian resistors that went before him before their pricious time, that refused to be Israel’s “whipping boy” any longer. Farewell to you, comrade Mustafa Tamimi, a Brave Palestinian resistor…


  5. Yesterday I searched – but could not find a single mention in the german press – as usual. So I had to write myself, and will add a link to this article later today.
    I wished I could find words as good as yours to express what it means to lose one more of the brave.


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