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You will never be free until you respect the freedom of others

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احشد انزل شارك |Mobilize | 14-17.5.2014

الاربعاء ١٤.٥.٢٠١٤ الساعة ٧ مساء مسيرة مشاعل في دوار الساعة في رام الله احياء لذكرى النكبة.

Wednesday: A march with 66 torches to mark 66 years of Nakba, 7pm Clock Square, Ramallah.


يوم الخميس، 15.5.2015 احياء ذكرى النكبة:

Events on Thursday, Nakba Day:

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Palestine: Finding the Will to Resist

first published on Akhbar English 

During the latest wave of hunger strikes, many Palestinian movements occurred in support of the strikers’ struggle. It is clear that there is persistent action on the ground, but it is still limited to the active circles connected to the families of the prisoners. At the peak of the strike, when it was crucial to have massive support, many voiced frustration with continued Palestinian apathy, especially when in Scotland, for instance, thousands marched for the prisoners. Meanwhile, in Ramallah and Nablus, only hundreds bothered to demonstrate. Continue reading