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You will never be free until you respect the freedom of others

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Knesset elections prove again and again that a change from within is not possible

So the Israelis have made their choice, they voted for Netanyahu, please respect their choice (for the fourth time), and stop dreaming for a change from within. Voters chose a Prime Minister who so blatantly incited against 20% of the state Palestinian citizens by saying: “Arabs are heading to the polls in droves. The rule of the Right is in danger.” They chose a Prime Minister who said clearly: “If I’m elected, there will be no Palestinian state.” 

Some people had illusions that replacing Netanyahu’s will be a positive change! But replacing it by whom? mmm. another right-wing party. Yes, I’m talking about Herzog’s Zionist Union. I’m sorry, Zionism and leftism do not MIX.

From a Palestinian standing point, the only difference between Netanyahu’s and Herzog parties is the wording they use. Netanyahu is very straight forward, Herzog party uses less ugly words. Logically, it’s much better to deal with a straightforward politician.

Stop dealing with the symptoms. Things will not be better if you replace a leader or party, and it is not about some racism that needs to be eliminated. Racism is a very natural result of a colonial regime. Address the roots.

So, in case you had doubts, the Knesset elections’ results prove again and again that a change is not possible from within. So it’s about time International players stop pouring your money and efforts for “dialogue” and normalization, it’s about time you stop pleading a colonial state to give crumbs to Palestinians. It’s about time you join Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) and Isolate the colonial state.

This is not pessimism, this is realism.


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Something simple to Netanyahu

Here are two statements by Netanyahu, from the last two days, with regards to Palestinian citizens’ protests against the murder of Khair Hamdan, a Palestinian youth by Israeli police:

Quote 1 “We won’t tolerate disturbances and riots. We will take action against stone throwers, those who block traffic arteries, and those who call for establishing a Palestinian state in place of the State of Israel. Whoever doesn’t respect Israeli law will be punished to the fullest extent. I will direct the interior minister to consider stripping the citizenship of those who call for the destruction of the State of Israel.”

Quote 2 “To all those who demonstrate against Israel and in favor of a Palestinian state, I say something simple: I invite you to move there; we won’t give you any problem”

In a non twisted world like ours, this man should be outlawed, for legitimizing the killing of Palestinians, and for advocating their transfer.

So let’s make some order here:

What you call “disturbances and riots”, will keep happening, because no people in the world will tolerate oppression and colonization.

People will keep protesting against occupation forces and bullets’ throwers, those who block and deny our rights and those who call and act to drive us out of our lands and replace it with a superior Jewish state. We will direct our souls to stay steadfast and resilient.

If you are not happy with that, we say something simple: We invite you to move from our lands, we won’t give you any problem.


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“Albustan” Kindergarten becomes “Maoz”, Arabs out, Jews in.

Just two weeks before the start of school year of 2014/2015, eleven Arab-Palestinian families, residents of Ramat Ashkol neighborhood in Lydd, heard from one of the kindergarten teachers that the Lydd Municipality decided to move their children, who are with special needs, to another kindergarten building, or rather caravan, about 5 km away from their neighborhood.
After the news about the takeover of “Albustan” kindetgarten, the families went to check the matter. To their surprise the kindergarten was named “Moaz” instead of “Albustan” and became a Jewish only kindergarten. The Arab family were kicked out by Jewish religious women, who apparently work at the kindergarten. 
jewish women kicking out Palestinian mothers from "Albustan"

Jewish women kicking out Palestinian mothers from “Albustan”

Not only that the municipality did not notify officially the families of the Arab children,  to bring  Jewish ones from Ultra Orthodox families, who live away from the place. Find the logic here! 
Not only that the municipality decided on its own to move the children to another-far- kindergarten, without ensuring them a proper transportation, it moved them from a stone building into a caravan that is in a miserable situation (see photos, taken just a week before the opening of the school year), and unsafe.