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The Israeli Military is grateful to the NYTimes

It is really hard to ignore New York Times’ headline for the story on the disturbing video of the execution of the young Palestinian Abed al-Fatah al-Sharif, (21). Al-Sharif was executed along with Ramzi Kasrawi, (21), in Hebron on Thursday, March 24th.

I know it’s NYT after all, and pointing it out, like we did in hundreds of other cases, might not change anything, but still one can not and should not skip such outrageous journalistic practices.

The NYT chose this headline Israel Soldier Detained in Shooting of Palestinian” to cover a crime that was filmed (otherwise would go unnoticed), showing two disturbing scenes, both are equally severe (and painful): An Israeli soldier executes a motionless and injured young Palestinian man in Hebron, by a bullet in the head from point zero, the other soldiers carry on as if nothing happened, and second, Israeli medics and soldiers, ignore the injured Palestinian (before he was shot the second time), and leave him lying on the ground like he was a piece of trash. 


The problem though is not only with the headline, the 900 words and 18 Paragraphs article, gave the major weight for the military propaganda. Continue reading


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*Updated post. Gaza: 15 journalists killed by Israeli bombing

The crime of attacking journalists by Israel is not a new practice, during the war on Gaza in 2008-2009 and in November 2012, several attacks and deaths of journalists were documented.شهداء الصحافة

During Israel’s current war on Gaza, the atrocity of assaults on journalists has gone beyond. Since the beginning of the assault, on July 7th, Palestinian journalists and media institutions were massively targeted by Israeli shelling, 8 journalists* were killed and more than a dozen injured, over 15 media headquarters, media vehicles and houses of Journalists were shelled. If that is not a deliberate attack on media, then what is?

UPDATE: when this post was originally published the number of journalists who has been killed by Israeli aggression was 8. This post is now updated with names of another six Palestinian journalists and one foreign journalist who have been killed after publishing the original post. Also, by the end of August, over 45 media headquarters, media vehicles and houses of Journalists were shelled.

Here is the list of Journalists killed by Israeli Military in Gaza during the latest assault, may their souls rest in peace:

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Israeli media and the murder of Palestinian teen Mohammad Abu Khdair

The Palestinians always “claim”, their rage has no context, and if someone is killed it must be the “honor killing”

It has been a long time since I last looked at Israeli media’s coverage to Israeli crimes against Palestinians. I know what to expect, and avoid being disturbed again and again. My health is precious to me!

This time I did. And no change. Israeli media is nothing but a servant to the Israeli propaganda (Hasbara). The blood of a Palestinian worth nothing to them. Continue reading