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Israel to Shut Down the Only Palestinian Theatre in Jerusalem

The Palestinian National Theatre “Al Hakawati” published today an appeal to Jerusalem institutions and businessmen in the city to save the theatre from closure during the next 48 hours.

According to the theatre’s statement, director Amer Khalil, received a phone call on Thursday morning 11/26/2015 from the Israeli Enforcement and Collection Authority (ECA), responsible for debt collection and law enforcement, notifying him on the intention to complete the seizure of the theatre building in 48 hours.

The statement also added that two weeks ago the Israeli ECA seized the bank account of the theatre and handed a notification on the building seizure to the director.

Since then, the management tried to appeal to many bodies seeking financial support in order to be able to cover its amounting debt to the Israeli authorities (including the municipality, National Insurance and electricity company), so far for no avail, according to the statement.


From Al Hakawati Facebook page

To many this could be seem as a normal procedure of a state collecting debt from citizens, however, in Jerusalem’s complex situation and the vulnerability of Palestinian institutions under the Israeli occupation and oppression machinery, the issue becomes political par excellence.

Al Hakawati theatre is the only remaining Palestinian theatre and one of the few remaining cultural institutions in Jerusalem, after prolonged Israeli  destruction of Palestinian cultural and political life in the city. Located in the center of Jerusalem, the Palestinian National Theatre ( founded in 1984), became an important pillar and a center for Palestinian culture and art. Continue reading


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Israeli media and the murder of Palestinian teen Mohammad Abu Khdair

The Palestinians always “claim”, their rage has no context, and if someone is killed it must be the “honor killing”

It has been a long time since I last looked at Israeli media’s coverage to Israeli crimes against Palestinians. I know what to expect, and avoid being disturbed again and again. My health is precious to me!

This time I did. And no change. Israeli media is nothing but a servant to the Israeli propaganda (Hasbara). The blood of a Palestinian worth nothing to them. Continue reading

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Room No. 4: what would I do if anybody even touched my son?

A photo exhibition titled “Room number 4” was open on Thursday, December 5th, as part of an International campaign against arresting Palestinian children.

The exhibition is part of a campaign launched by Madaa Silwan Creative Centre, on Monday 02.12.2013 in the town of Silwan. The title “Room Number 4”, refers to the rooms where all Jerusalemites, including children are investigated. It is one of the sections of “Al-Maskobyeh” detention centre in Jerusalem. Continue reading