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Sweat as Sweet: The First Palestinian Mushroom Farm

During my last visit to Ramallah, I received a very special gift from a dear friend: A box of newly collected white mushrooms, from the first harvest of the new Palestinian mushroom farm, “Amoro”.

Amoro, the first Palestinian mushroom.

Amoro, the first Palestinian mushroom.

In another part of the world, this may be a very normal incident. Not in Palestine! We all gathered around the mushroom, over excitement in the room, everyone started tasting, the excitement grew higher.

It all started on a bbq grill when four friends, Mahmoud Kuhail, Sameer Khraishi, AL-Tayeb Akel and Wadia Nassar, realized the absence of Palestinian mushroom production. None of them had an agriculture background. Al-Tayeb, Sameer and Wadia come from the IT and computer science’s world, and Mahmoud studied Global economy and Business. They are all based in Ramallah.  Continue reading