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You will never be free until you respect the freedom of others


List of events in commemoration of the Nakba 2015.

List of events to commemorate the #Nakba on May 15th, 2015, in Palestine and elsewhere:

 Beit Jala: 12-15th May, cultural events, film screenings and exhibition.
بيت جالا: معرض وفعاليات ثقافية وعروض افلام.

Nablus: March May 14th, 7:30. مسيرة يوم الخميس الساعة السابعة والنصف مساءً تنطلق من أمام الكنيسة الأرثوذكسية

Film screening, “The Stories of Land”, May 14th, Kufr Qassem.
عرض فيلم “حكايا الأرض”، يوم اخميس ١٤ أيار.


“I won’t remain a refugee” Camp in Al-Ghabisiyya uprooted village. 14th-16th May.

معسكر لن ابقى لاجئ الثال في الغابسية



Film screening, “When I Saw You”. May 15th, Sakhnin.

عرض فلم ” لما شفتك ” – عن النكبة والعودة

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Call for action: Save Yarmouk Camp (English and Arabic and more)



Save Yarmouk

ISIS has invaded Yarmouk refugee camp in cooperation with Al Nusra front after clashes that lasted for a few days. This happened after two years of continuous siege imposed by the Syrian regime and its collaborators. The camp is completely ignored and neglected by both official and non-official bodies, leaving  the inhabitants of the camp and its defenders without any support.

Residents of the Yarmouk camp are still showing a steadfastness as they have done during the years of the siege, but, as the camp is transferred into  an open battle field, the risk for murder, expulsion and arrest is acute, especially after ISIS has demanded the residents of the camp to hand over their sons who have fought against ISIS, and after ISIS has initiated a kidnap campaign of tens of them.

We are standing today, the Palestinian people and those in solidarity with the Palestinian cause all over the world united as one people in solidarity with Yarmouk, to take action to rescue whatever is left to rescue there, and to support the residents of Yarmouk in their battle right now to liberate the camp.

We send our appeal to all media in general and the Palestinian media specifically to cover the news of Yarmouk, and we call everyone to start organise protests in all forms, to support Yarmouk refugee camp and call on the world’s obligation to protect it.

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Knesset elections prove again and again that a change from within is not possible

So the Israelis have made their choice, they voted for Netanyahu, please respect their choice (for the fourth time), and stop dreaming for a change from within. Voters chose a Prime Minister who so blatantly incited against 20% of the state Palestinian citizens by saying: “Arabs are heading to the polls in droves. The rule of the Right is in danger.” They chose a Prime Minister who said clearly: “If I’m elected, there will be no Palestinian state.” 

Some people had illusions that replacing Netanyahu’s will be a positive change! But replacing it by whom? mmm. another right-wing party. Yes, I’m talking about Herzog’s Zionist Union. I’m sorry, Zionism and leftism do not MIX.

From a Palestinian standing point, the only difference between Netanyahu’s and Herzog parties is the wording they use. Netanyahu is very straight forward, Herzog party uses less ugly words. Logically, it’s much better to deal with a straightforward politician.

Stop dealing with the symptoms. Things will not be better if you replace a leader or party, and it is not about some racism that needs to be eliminated. Racism is a very natural result of a colonial regime. Address the roots.

So, in case you had doubts, the Knesset elections’ results prove again and again that a change is not possible from within. So it’s about time International players stop pouring your money and efforts for “dialogue” and normalization, it’s about time you stop pleading a colonial state to give crumbs to Palestinians. It’s about time you join Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) and Isolate the colonial state.

This is not pessimism, this is realism.


And I Think To Myself, What A Hypocrite World

I see queues for a bread 

Tents in the snow, 

And a frozen kid, 

I share photo or two,

And I think to myself,

what a hypocrite world. 

I see skies are gloom, 

There is a game of throne, 

And those littles dots

Are born to the drone  

And I think to myself, 

What a hypocrite world. 

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A short comment on #CharlieHebdo and the Media

After #‎CharlieHebdo tragedy mainstream media screens were flooded with “Muslim speakers”. They were all brought just because they were Muslims.

That, by itself has an underlying racist message.

No matter what they say on screen, “Islam doesn’t represent”, “Islam is a religion of peace”, the core of their presence on primetime is to defend Islam, because Islam, as a whole is guilty of this crime.


Sweat as Sweet: The First Palestinian Mushroom Farm

During my last visit to Ramallah, I received a very special gift from a dear friend: A box of newly collected white mushrooms, from the first harvest of the new Palestinian mushroom farm, “Amoro”.

Amoro, the first Palestinian mushroom.

Amoro, the first Palestinian mushroom.

In another part of the world, this may be a very normal incident. Not in Palestine! We all gathered around the mushroom, over excitement in the room, everyone started tasting, the excitement grew higher.

It all started on a bbq grill when four friends, Mahmoud Kuhail, Sameer Khraishi, AL-Tayeb Akel and Wadia Nassar, realized the absence of Palestinian mushroom production. None of them had an agriculture background. Al-Tayeb, Sameer and Wadia come from the IT and computer science’s world, and Mahmoud studied Global economy and Business. They are all based in Ramallah.  Continue reading