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Israeli media and the murder of Palestinian teen Mohammad Abu Khdair

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The Palestinians always “claim”, their rage has no context, and if someone is killed it must be the “honor killing”

It has been a long time since I last looked at Israeli media’s coverage to Israeli crimes against Palestinians. I know what to expect, and avoid being disturbed again and again. My health is precious to me!

This time I did. And no change. Israeli media is nothing but a servant to the Israeli propaganda (Hasbara). The blood of a Palestinian worth nothing to them.

Today, the body of 16 years old Mohammad Abu Khdair, from Shu’fat neighborhood in Jerusalem was found, after CCTV showed he was kidnapped by settlers. His body showed signs of torture and burning.

And what do Israeli media have to say about that:

Haaretz, which is often seen as more liberal and critical, will always, as other Israeli media outlets, use “claim” as synonymous to Palestinians. This word does not appear when the suspects are Palestinians. Until this moment there is no evidence on who kidnapped the three Israeli settlers, but you will never hear “Israelis claim”.


For Ynet news website, this is not an important news as the killing of three settlers which is still the main item at the front page. The news about Mohammad, is 3rd in order, but small and minor, with the title that says nothing but “Abu Mazen hold Netanyahu responsible for the murder” the subtitle says: “Clashes in Jerusalem, Arab youth are confronting the police, hurling stones and burning trash bins”. Make no mistake here, the Arab youth are the assaulters, their rage has no context.



The article about the actual murder is hyperlinked to the above mentioned article, the main focus is not on a child who was kidnapped, tortured, burned and killed, rather and again, on the Arab assaulters.

Wait to see what Nana news, which is a news website connected to Israeli channel 10 had to say about the murder of Mohammad: “The possibility that the killing of the Arab teen related to “family honor” is being examined”. The Arab teen has no name of course, and the source for such creative theory is not mentioned. Who cares for the victim or  his family’s feelings, Israeli media just love the term “honor killing”.


The issue with Israeli media is not similar to the foreign media who constantly equalize between the victim and the oppressor/colonialist, its way beyond. Israeli media, does not even pretend, for them, the blood of a Palestinian worth nothing, even not a proper item.

I understand that there are exceptions to the rule, but they are exceptions, not the rule.

Ah, on another note, did I say how much I hate when Palestinians are asked to prove our humanity to the world and equally hate when us Palestinians try to do so. This sickens me.



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