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New refusers to the military service imposed on the Palestinian Druze

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Orwa Saif, a Palestinian Druze from the village of Yanuh, showed up on Sunday, June 15th at the Israeli military enlistment office to declare his refusal to serve in the Israeli military and his opposition to the compulsory service imposed on the Palestinian Druze (who are citizens of Israel). 

Saif,  an active member of the communist youth, was accompanied today by hundreds of supporters. He is expected to be jailed for his refusal to join the ranks of the Israeli army. His peer, Omar Saad, another refuser who has already spent over six months in prison for refusing to serve in the army, is currently out of prison for health issues after he was diagnosed with a virus in the liver while in prison.

Saif and Saad are not alone: they are following the footsteps of a large number of Druze refusers and will be followed by many. The upcoming refusers’ list includes: Anan Shahin from Shefa’amr city and Adham Touba from Rameh village.

Respect to all of you comrades, and the struggle will continue until we bring down the law imposing military service on the Palestinian Druze community.


Orwa accompanied by his father and a Druze leader Nimer Nimer. Photo by Julia Amasha


Orwa accompanied by supporters. Photo by https://www.facebook.com/TsahalMaBistahal?ref=ts&fref=ts


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