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66 times: I’m not an Arab Israeli, I’m not an Israeli woman


I was just informed that Haaretz website published an article “66 Israeli women you should know” marking 66 years for the “independence”, our Nakba. I was included in this list without knowing about it!
Firstly, it is NOT an honor to me, at all, to be included in anything that has to do with the day Israelis celebrate colonialism of my land and displacement of my people. Secondly, I’m not an “Israeli woman” not an “Israeli Arab”. How many times should we repeat this?

موقع هآرتس نشر مقالا يحتوي على قائمة “٦٦ إمرأة إسرائيلية عليكم معرفتهن” بمناسبة مرور ٦٦ عام على “الإستقال”، نكبتنا. لقد تم إدراج إسمي وسيرة ذاتية عني دون علمي.
أولا، أبدا لا يشرفني أن يتم ذكري في مناسبة يحتفل بها الإسرائيليون باستعمار أرضي وتهجير شعبي. ثانيا، أنا لست “امرأة إسرائيلية”، ولا “عربية اسرائيلية”.
مما اقتضى التنويه.

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8 thoughts on “66 times: I’m not an Arab Israeli, I’m not an Israeli woman

  1. Abir, stand tall and brave as a Palestinian woman! One day, I hope and guess in my lifetime, I will be 70 in Sep! I’m doing my best for the Palestians and Palestine. Though it’s pretty Har at the moment in bed at a hospital, after a terrible traffic accident last Monday! I was the motorcycle driver who was hit by car and broke a couple of ribs and broke my right thigh bone! Still I’m checking Facebook
    And Twitter most of awKen time during the day! I really wants to get back to Bil’in and the family of Iyad Burnat!
    Hope I will meet you in the future!


  2. Dear Abir: Let me start by telling you that you are a wonderful woman.
    I saw the article on the Haaretz website, too. There were only three women that I recognised: Hanin Zoabi, Mira Awad, and you. I understand your objection to the term “ARAB Israeli”. However, what exactly is wrong with saying “Israeli woman”? Perhaps you could elaborate on that. In my opinion, Palestinian citizens of Israel are Israelis, too.
    I think it’s great that you are in Berlin. I have a question for you: When you talk to Germans about Israel and Zionism, what are their opinions? Of course, I know that the vast majority of Germans are “anti-Israel”. However, I have no idea if they merely reject the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza or if they actually oppose Israel’s existence as a Jewish (supremacist) state. Of course, I know that I could ask fellow Germans myself but I lack the courage to bring up that topic. By the way, I am an anti-Zionist and would prefer a one-state solution.


  3. You r brave girl , really I respect you as Palestinian girl born in the heart of Zionist


  4. yup…another member of the 5th column

    your time is gonna come


  5. Just curious, have you officially renounced your Israeli citizenship? If not, why not? I’m fairly certain the Israeli government would be pleased to not include you amongst its citizenry.


  6. You are Israeli, even if you don’t identify as such. I’m sorry this is so painful for you, I totally understand why. But you’re living on a boarder between self-identification as Palestinian, while living as an Israeli citizen. This is you, and I don’t think it can be erased – either side of this identity.


  7. To Tamara Karmel: the Israeli government are holding her hometown hostage and forcing any native who wants to live in his homeland of Palestine to have a blue ID, why don’t you ask the Israeli government why are they holding a people hostage like that?


  8. You should be happy to be Israeli. You are one of a kind. The only Arab citizens who can live in a democracy. Maybe you should move to Gaza and see if you will get the same rights!!


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