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How did Palestinians celebrate the Valentine’s

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I will start with three quick personal comments on the Valentine’s in Palestine:

1) Valentine’s Day says nothing to me. Beyond the traditional cliché of “Love doesn’t need a day to be marked”, I found it very consumeristic occasion.

2) As everyone else, we love, we hate, we practice many types of emotions, and we don’t need to prove to anyone our “emotional normality” despite living under colonialism.

3) Some people used Valentine to emphasize the Palestinian struggle in a creative manner, which is great. However, if others want to celebrate the Valentine’s, this is their personal choice, they need not to mention Palestine in order to feel OK with that.

Having said that, I just love our creativity:

"Palestine my love" Nabi Saleh Weekly demo, 14.2.2014 Photo by Tamimi Press

“Palestine my love” Nabi Saleh Weekly demo, 14.2.2014 Photo by Tamimi Press

Bilin Weekly demo, 14.2.2014

Bilin Weekly demo, 14.2.2014

Palestinian graphic designer Hafez Omar created this poster:

Poster "Your love is a revolution" by Hafez Omar

Poster “Your love is a revolution” by Hafez Omar

Visualizing Palestine, lunched a great campaign “Speaking Love to Power — Love Stories for Social Justice”, to emphasize the Israeli apartheid policies targeting our basic right of loving, choosing our partners and deciding where to live with them.

Love under apartheid campaign circulated various photos with message telling the stories of Palestinian love under Apartheid, the one below featuresTaiseer and Lana, a Palestinian couple, who are facing the Israeli racist citizenship law with a lot of steadfastness. (see a public letter from Taiseer and a video featuring their story.) see more Love Under Apartheid’s photos and stories here 
This poster was also shared by many on Facebook:

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One thought on “How did Palestinians celebrate the Valentine’s

  1. well Done Abber , like your Blog …


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