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Room No. 4: what would I do if anybody even touched my son?

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A photo exhibition titled “Room number 4” was open on Thursday, December 5th, as part of an International campaign against arresting Palestinian children.

The exhibition is part of a campaign launched by Madaa Silwan Creative Centre, on Monday 02.12.2013 in the town of Silwan. The title “Room Number 4”, refers to the rooms where all Jerusalemites, including children are investigated. It is one of the sections of “Al-Maskobyeh” detention centre in Jerusalem.

The photo exhibition will feature pictures displayed in an artistic style to reveal the violations against children, such as investigating them without the presence of their parents and the use of physical and verbal abuse. Each picture is based on children’s testimonies collected by Madaa Centre in 2012.

The photo exhibition is produced and directed by Tamer Nafar from DAM hip-hop group, photographed by Ashraf Dowani and in participation with “War Child” organization. It features Palestinian artists from Jerusalem, West Bank and 1948 lands including: Saleh Bakri, Reem Talhami, Amal Murcus, Mustafa Alkurd, Amer Hlehel, satirists from the program Watan A’ Watar and others. 

Tamer Nafar says: “It was very hard to witness a child getting arrested without thinking “what would I do if anybody even touched my son?”. In one of the pictures (when the investigators prevent the parents from being inside the investigation room) I imagined myself outside “Room number 4” and an investigator telling me “you can’t come in”. At this point, I would turn the world upside down. I wish the people would feel the same way in order to stop the criminal acts of the occupation towards our children.”

The exhibition will be open to visitors from Thursday the 5th of December, 2013 at 06:30 p.m at the French Cultural Institute (21. Salah Eddin Street, Jerusalem), and will stay  for a month.

Palestinian singer Amal Murcus

Palestinian singer Amal Murcus

“Around 4:30 in the morning we woke up to the sound of knocking and kicking on the door of our house. When we opened the door a special forces unit came in and askedfor my son. (…) They grabbed him and tried to take him outside. As they left the house I saw them handcuffing his hands and feet.” Mother of a 14 years old child.

Actor Amer Hlehel

Actor Amer Hlehel


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