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Israeli-Ukrainian soldier admits on TV she killed Palestinian Children


Elena Zakusilo, an Ukrainian young women, decided at her young age to leave Ukraine and go to serve in the Israeli military. On November 4th, she participated in Ukrainian TV game show, “Lie detector” The Ukrainian version of “The moment of truth”. Contestants (connected to a truth detector) answer a series of personal and embarrassing questions to receive cash prizes. During the show she reveals horrible information on her military service.

Zakusilo admits killing Palestinians including Palestinian children. She answers the question “did you kill people” with “yes”.. she explains “we had to fire, had to kill, because it was either they [get] us, or we – them.”

Host: Did you happen to shoot at children? 

Elena: Yes.

Host: How many people did you kill? 

Elena: I don’t know.

She answers another question “are you willing to go back to Israel and continue killing enemies?” with “Yes” too.

Zakusilo justifies killing Palestinian children by repeating the same Israeli propagandists’ mantra of “terrorists”, “their mother sends them to die”. and “for them its normal” to lose their children.

Zakusilo, tells how she received a “Major” ranking in the army and reveals the technology of using dogs in the army’s repression of Palestinians. She was involved in training 150 dogs, sending them to spy into Palestinian villages with a camera and headphones, through which they receive orders  from their trainers (to attack for example).

She also admits during the show that she decided to change her family name into a Jewish name so in Israel she would be well treated, as a Jewish, and not Ukrainian.

See below the transcription of the two available videos from the show, done by Inna Michaeli, who helped make this blog post possible. Unfortunately no youtube versions available because Ukrainians use different networks.


Video 1:

Q: Are the values sacred for you?

A: Yes, family values.

There are other questions and answers before the next set of questions begin

Q: Do you consider your fellow colleagues as your real family, and not your parents?

A: Yes


Q: Who are your fellow colleagues?

A: Those with whom I served in the military

Q: Why did you go to the military?

Q from her mother: why are the colleagues considered family and not mom, dad?

A: When I go to friends, fellow colleagues, even the commander, they would accept me the way I am. I could come to him {commander} with any question, yes, he is a man, yes, he is an Israeli, who isn’t used to whining, he is a general, he tells you to go and shoot like this, so you go. But if you come to him and say, just for example, you know, I was walking down the road, and there was a kitten there, ran over by a car, or a person hit, and I feel bad. He will sit with you for an hour to talk, and try to understand why you feel bad.

Q: How many years were you in the military?

A: Six.

Q: Six years. Are you a professional soldier?

A: Yes.

Q: Which military rank did you reach?

A: Major.

Q: You are a major?

A: Yes.

Q: For which achievements did you get the rank of major?

A: For a good training of 150 military dogs that were working on remote control searching for and locating terrorists.

Q: So you prepared 150 dogs for service in the Israeli military?

A: Over the years of service, yes. I was a senior trainer, I can take control of any dog, even the craziest one.

Q: What can your four-legged graduates do?

A [17:20]: The doggy gets a little bag in teeth, it can be a video camera. You give a command, it runs into an Arab village, runs around there like a normal dog, and films what the terrorists are doing. It has an electronic collar, and a camera that hangs on the collar, and the trainer has the remote control, and he, from a distance up to ten kilometres, can watch and give orders to the dog, to attack or not attack. This was developed, it’s a new technology, and animals are trained to use it.

Q: The dog implements the orders based on the reactions it gets?

A: Yes.

Q: through the collar?

A: Yes, there are also headphones, and it can hear the trainer. It hears. Let’s say, the terrorist is running with a weapon, the trainer says “attack!” and the dog holds him until the soldier arrives.

Q: The dog is with headphones?

A: Yes, it’s a new American technology, it exists.

Video 2:

Q [first minute, from the start]: Are you hiding from the Ukrainian authorities that you hold the Israeli citizenship?

A: Yes


Q: But you understand that once this show goes on air, it will become known.

A: In worst case, if something happens, I can go back there {Israel}. I even have a different last name, here and there.

Q: Yes? Which last name do you have there?

A:  There, I have the family name of my grandfather, Gluzman,

Q: Why is it so?

A: It’s my mom’s middle name, so that they won’t hear there our Ukrainian family name and with the other name {Gluzman}, with Jewish roots, they’d treat differently.

Q [01:54] Do you still work for the Israeli special forces?

A: Yes


Q: I don’t even know what to ask…

A: I’ll explain. In Boryspil {international airport near Kyev} there is an Israeli airline {she possibly means El-Al, the only Israeli airline officially operating in Boryspil Airport}, affiliated with the Israeli embassy, and I escort and receive passengers who arrive there.

Q [2:54] Did you kill people?

A: Yes.


The first time it was a big stress, I remember like now, I threw away the gun and said I won’t go anywhere. {Eventually} I did go.

Q to mother: did you know that your daughter killed people?

A of the mother: I know that she served during the war with Lebanon, and she was in the military, and of course, how can you be in the military without {killing}…

Host: someone…

A of the mother: not someone, apparently those she was fighting with, I think. Let her explain, whom she killed.

Q: The day when Yasef {Yaser} Arafat died, there was a massive riot by Arabs. They were shooting at the unit, I saw that there were hits, I saw ..head.. . They always told us to shoot in the air, at the feet, and […] the soldiers understand that if you keep shooting like that, you will be gone. So we had to fire, had to kill, because it was either they [get] us, or we – them. I can’t say I’m proud of that. It’s scary, especially when children run with Molotov cocktails, and they send children, to turn the attention to them, little kid, barely walking, 3-4 years old…

Q: But children are too…

A: Explode…? {Completes his sentence} They, suicide bombers explode in the trains… They, the terrorists, have a known tariff, an adult terrorist worth 30,000 dollars, a child – 50,000. The Hamasniks paid to the Arabs. And mothers say – so what, we can give birth to five more.

Q: Wait, so the mother sent her child…?

A: For them it’s normal, for them it’s normal, yes.

Q: And for that she gets…money…?

A: For them it’s normal, yes. For the terrorists it is, yes. They, the terrorists, change the cartoons for the children, and show them in their way, in their language Tom and Jerry, Tom are those who run around and try to hit with the hammer, and Jerry is the people who save their life somehow, and already in the children’s consciousness they understand that it’s normal, that this is how it should be. The good Muslims, say that the shahids are not Muslims, they are just fanatics.

Q [6:22]: Did you happen to shoot at children?

A: Yes.

Q: How many people did you kill?

A: I don’t know.

Q: So in order not to have to move in to live with your parents, are you willing to go back to Israel and continue killing enemies?

A: Yes.


NOTE: In case the videos were removed from the program website, like they were on the VK page of the program, I have retained copies of the videos in my archive.


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11 thoughts on “Israeli-Ukrainian soldier admits on TV she killed Palestinian Children

  1. The first video has been removed from the site (unfortunately it’s not possible to verify your traslation any more. But its is obvious from the titles that there indeed has been a part 1. Obviously, the dog operations ar still active):

    The second is still there. Your translation RU>ENG is correct.

    Thank you!


  2. Religion is to “control” its people. Its a bullshit lie all religious books! The Israelis are the most evil of this! They have a lot of “sheep” to herd!


  3. How low some people can go. She killed children and she is trying to justify her acts. Moreover, you can see how other zionists are also trying to justify any crime of their army without any hesitation and saying at the same time that their army is moral.

    She believes that her Israeli friends would treat her differently if she just kept her family name. What a racist society she is willing to serve!


  4. this is bullshit another arab lie
    you dont get ranks in the israeli military through training dogs


  5. Am amazed how can this be justified ,, totally brain washed by Israel parapganda even with its citizens and soldiers. I wounder what’s an easier decision ,for an adult to get paid to kill or for a mother to get paid to get her child killed.


  6. Ignorant killers of killers… All for money and a loving family. Isreal is an idiot, palestine is a shit factory and that whole side of the planet needs an overhaul. Killing should not be allowed for anyone especially government and parents. Wake up assholes.


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  8. O’ israel Elohim will judge you !!!


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