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Why Opposing the Prawer Plan is crucial?

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Many of you are joining actions around the world to stop the Prawer Plan. Many have been supportive materially and morally. There is a great potential for the support to grow. The next Day of Rage in Palestine to Stop the Prawer Plan will take place on November 30th. If you haven’t yet, its about time to join and help organize your own action. (see list of worldwide actions here)

Why opposing the Prawer Plan which displaces Palestinian Bedouins is crucial?

1) This is not a struggle against a single or sole Plan, nor aganist a one-time event or occurrence. This struggle is part of  a long struggle against colonialism and ethnic cleansing, which Palestinians have face since the beginning of the 20th century. What is going on in the Naqab is no different than the struggle of the Bedouins in South Hebron Hills or the Jordan Valley or the struggle of Palestinians in Jerusalem, they are all facing the same set of Israeli policies including; colonization, theft of land, resources and demographic confinement. When you raise your voice against Prawer, you are joining a larger struggle for justice in Palestine.

2) Israel, in the Prawer Plan has chosen (intentionally in my eyes) the weakest part of our people, who continue to be marginalized even within the tutelage of Palestinian politics. It is easy for Israeli propaganda to justify their displacement of Palestinian bedouins in the name of “modernization” and socio-economic advancement by revamping their Bedouin lifestyle. The West will buy into this. By joining us, you are also fighting stereotyping, prejudice, racism and “white” elitism.

3) This struggle defies the division among Palestinians into different political and social categories. We are in deep need for a unity in our strugglem regardless of our physical location, citizenship or any other category ascribed to Palestinian. We need unit foremost among Palestinians within 48 borders, Palestinians within 67 borders, Refugee camps and diaspora. In the previous days of rage, actions took place in Gaza, Ramallah, Hebron, Haifa, Naqab, in refugee camps, in the Arab world and places as far as Australia. Supporting this struggle means defying borders and strengthening Palestinian unity.

4) The struggle against the Prawer Plan was initiated by Palestinian citizens of Israel, this is highly important since it also defies Israeli policies geared towards isolating Palestinians with Israeli citizenship and “Israelize” us. The more the struggle widens, the more these attempts fail.

5) The struggle to Stop Prawer Plan created significant networking between Palestinians in different locations, and high level of organizing, using creativity, art, music, social media, graffiti and others and creating a space to everyone to contribute in his/her own way. This networking is expected to grow and strengthen. I can’t think of a better way to get rid of internal divisions and factional fights over power.

6) We all shout out slogans such as “power to the people” or “The people want”. On November 30th “The people want Prawer down”. It is time to join and mobilize!

Take an action and contact Prawerwontpass@gmail.com

Also visit: http://prawerwontpass.wordpress.com/

Graffiti in Haifa

Graffiti in Haifa


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