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August 1st: Day of action for Naqab

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62403_208341182623275_1543267694_nFollowing the July 15th Anger Strike‘s protests against “Prawer Plan”, which aims to displace Palestinian Bedouins in the Naqab (southern of historic Palestine), youth groups have called for another Day of Rage on August 1st. The activists in Naqab called too for solidarity groups across the world to organize actions and events in support of their struggle. Youth in the Naqab are planning series of actions on August in order to raise awareness and mobilize against the plan.

Under Hashtags: #StopPrawerPlan and #AugustRage  #برافر_لن_يمر  و #آب_الغضب events will take place as the following:

In palestine:

16:00 Central demonstration Naqab, south Rahat (lehavim) Junction

17:00 Central demonstration A’ra-A’ra’ra entrance (Triangle).

15:00 Ramallah action, gathering at Qasr Alhamra.

16:00 Gaza protest at Unknown Soldier Square.

Hebron, details to be announced soon.

21:00 Jerusalem protest at Damascus Gate.

Global actions:

15:00 Dublin, Ireland protest, in front of the Israeli Embassy.

15:15 Amman, Jordan, Human Chain on Jordan university street.

16:00 Toronto, Canada protest in front of the Royal Ontario Museum.

17:30 Washington DC rally, meet at US State Department.

18:00 London, UK protest in front of the Israeli Embassy.

18:00 Amsterdam, Netherlands protest at Central Station Amsterdam. (+ campaign of addressing Politicians)

19:00 Beirut, Lebanon protest at Jamal Abd Alnaser Square.

20:00 Logroño, Spain protest in front of the Spanish Government Office in Logroño.

21:00 São Paulo, Brazil protest at the Paulista Avenue, corner of Rua Augusta.

21:30 Aden, Yaman protest meeting at Lutfi Jaafar School.

22:00 Rabat, Marocco protest in front of the Maroccan Parliament.

23:00 Nouakchott, Mauritania protest in front of UN offices.

Organize your local event and join the global action. Your voice against ethnic cleansing and racism, matters. (Email the campaign at StopPrawerPlan@gmail.com).

Background: Prawer Plan passed the first reading int he Israeli Knesset on June, 24th, 2013. It aims to displace between 30,000 to 40,000 Palestinian Bedouins, uproot approximately 40 villages and confiscate over 850,000 dunums of land.  For more info please click here and here.


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One thought on “August 1st: Day of action for Naqab

  1. this is not on the news in the u.s. or bbc, I don’t think.
    I sent a long email to Kerry today, about wisening up, and this land theft P Plan.
    I hid plenty to say, and tired of being played by Israel. Time for sanctions, nd to use leverage – can’t say now, but insisted on this P Plan being devastating.
    Said that Israel is making a fool of the U>S>> and it’s the fault of the U>S> for not doing what it should – hold back foreign aid, since all those military installations etc. probably funded in large part by U>S>
    Hope he gets to read this email, or it is passed along/ somehow doubt it.
    Have to stop Israel somehow. Stop the P Plan.


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