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Engaging youth: Palestine refugees in a changing MidEast.


Here you will find live update from the conference of UNRWA on Palestinian Youth Refugees, feel free to post comments or questions, they will be passed to Sherine Tadros and Rami Khoury the moderators of the discussions:

14:00 Introduction by Palestine Refugee Youth

14:15 Welcome Message from the United Nations Secretary-General

14:30 Keynote speeches

These are my tweets for the afternoon session (from the end to the start):

This session is over! Now short film shown and then break. send your comments or questions, here or on my blog. I will pass them on.#PalYC

Judeh says its a mistake to think that Arab spring has nothing to do with the issue of Palestine. #PalYC

Now Nasser Judeh, FM of Jordan, Jordan has 2 million Palestinian refugees. #PalYC

now Nabil El Araby is talking about Palestinian prisoners. #PalYC

العربي يقترح التعاون بين الجامعة العربية والاونروا بتنظيم لقاء شبابي عربي لبحث المتغيرات في المنطقة. ‎#PalYC‪

العربي: كيف يمكن تمكينن الشباب اللاجئين الفلسطينيين من مشاركة الشباب العربي في رسم معالم مستقبل المنطقة والانخراط بالتغيير. ‎#PalYC‪

العربي يذكر الآن كل معاناة الفلسطينيين ويقول كل ممارسات إسرائيل لم تكسر ارادة الشعب الفلسطيني. ‎#PalYC‪

El Arabi salutes the Palestinian youth who shown unique steadfastness. #PalYC

Now Nabil El Aarabi, SG of Arab League #PalYC

Almalki mentions Khader Adnan and #HanaShalabi and the Palestinians in the hall applaud. #PalYC

Almalki speaks about political prisoners in Israeli jails. #PalYC

He calls for more programs and funds to invest in youth employment.#PalYC NOOO, not another aid and funds!!!!

Grandi says we have partners committed to find solution 2 the question of refugees! sorry the solution is ready, we need 2 implement! #PalYC

Serry said Palestinian refugees face occupation and exclusion and have the right to fulfill aspiration #PalYC

speaking now Filippo Grandi, commissioner General UNRWA. #PalYC

المتحدث الآن روبرت ساري ‎#palYC‪

تابعوا البث المباشر لمؤتمر الاونروا حول الللاجئين الفلسطينيين الشباب ‎http://unrwa.org/engagingyouth‏ وشاركوا بملاحظاتكم ‎#PalYC‪

Robbert Sarry is speaking now. #PalYC

By 2020 UNRWA expects 1.5 Palestinian refugees between 15 to 29, 25% of them expected to be unemployed. #PalYC

They finished with saying: it is time to have one Palestinian identity and one Palestinian homeland. #PalYC

Im still waiting to hear the word “right of return”. Please youth! #PalYC

24 youth discussed for the last 3 days there issues. #PalYC

60% of the refugees are marginalized youth politically, economically and socially. #PalYC

2 Palestinian youth are making the opening.. #PalYC

Follow also @nassarmohammed and his blog for updates from #PalYC Also Follow from here @UNRWA and @SherineT

#PalYC will start now, livestreaming http://unrwa.org/engagingyouth if you have any questions or comments tweet me or comment on my blog

Mustafa Barghouti is here as well, and as always you find him where the cameras are 🙂 #PalYC

special adviser on youth issues for Hilary Clinton is here, he had a long chat with the youth refugees. #PalYC

Palestinian youth refugees participating in #PalYC are from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan & Palestine (WB & Gaza)

Live-streaming for UNRWA #PalYC http://unrwa.org/engagingyouth orhttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/engagingyouth

UNRWA conference on Palestinian Youth refugee will start soon.http://www.engagingyouth.eu/programme.phphttps://abirkopty.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/unrwa-palestine-refugee-youth-conference/#more-891

16:45 Opening Session
Discussion: “Challenges and potential of the current generation of
Palestine refugees”

 “@BDS4Justice: Now we going to a musical reception by Edward said national conservatory in Jerusalem #PalYC

The day is over.. see you tomorrow. #PalYC

Palestinian youth speaking now. #PalYC

Now Sherine is reading some of the questions that came from you people on twitter and blogs. #PalYC

Grandi answering: its a stakeholders meeting, this is not a dialogue meetings between Israelis and Palestinians. #PalYC

And then he asks if Israelis were invited to this meeting. #PalYC

Former Slovenian FM: Gaza is a concentration camp and Apartheid.#PalYC

Palestinian from Gaza is talking now, he explains how he was accepted to scholarship abroad and prevented to leave Gaza.#PalYC

Lana: empowerment and participation are important tools for liberation #PalYC

Now the great Louiza Morgantini is talking: refugees speak about freedom, that they cant move from camps! #PalYC

hhhh, Duncan says our position on 2 states is prove of our intentions. Can someone ask him, in what world he lives!! #PalYC

Question from audience to Duncan, don’t u think that ur countries UK have a special responsibility to the refugees & Palestine #PalYC

الآن أسئلة الجمهور Now Q&As ‎#PalYC‪

Lana: Palestinian refugee youth like all Palestinians see their education as asset. #PalYC

Duncan is promising increasing funding by UK to UNRWA and Palestinian development!!!! money money money! #PalYC

well basically her answer was they get their rights but do not give up the right of return!! #PalYC

Jordanian minister Nisreen Barakat asked on how its ensured that Palestinian refugees don’t lose their identity while assimilating #PalYC

Grandi: the International community took responsibility to address the consequences of the conflict until parties agree. #PalYC

Lana: Palestinian refugees in camps say they are seen as cheap labor but not economic force. #PalYC

And then they talk about education, health and employment. #PalYC

Lana highlighted that the main demand of Palestinian youth refugees is the right of return. #PalYC

Speakerss in Panel: Lana Abu Hijleh (CHF), Alan Duncan (UK minister) NIsreen Barakat (Jordanian minister), Filippo Grandi (UNRWA) #PalYC

we’r back… now armchair discussion on “challenges & potential of the current generation of Palestine refugees” @SherineT moderating.

Day 2:

Opening panel: “Youth Answers Back”

This session is over. #PalYC

بدر: اللاجئين الذين التقوا اليوم من المستحيل ان يتمكنوا من اللقاء مرة اخرى في فلسطين او اي من الدول العربية. ‎#PalYC‪

بدر من شارك يتحدث الآن. ‎#palYC‪

الشعب يريد عمار إلى المنصة! ‎#palYC‪

 أخخخ في شاب عم بحكي عن المعونات، يعني خربلنا فرحتنا بحكي عمار! بقلك بدنا نعرف ليش المعونات تقلصت واديش بعد بدها تتقلص! ‎#palYC‪

لاجئة من لبنان تتحدث الآن بغضب عن اسكاتها مرتين بالامس. ‎#PalYC‪

Barghouti: The issue for Palestinians is not food but rights. #palYC

Barghouti addressing the representative of US: the problem US wants to stay bias to Israel and keep being broker for peace. #palYC

Mustafa Barghouti speaking now. #PalYC

So far my favorite in #palYC is Ammar, refugee from Syria, originally from Lubyeh. He said it all. No flour, but return!

Amar from Yarmuk refugee camp: I don’t want to speak politics, I want to return to Lubyeh, from where my family was displaced in 48.#PalYC

 عمار: لا اريد من أمريكا المال لتمويل كرت الطحين، اريد حقي في العودة. ‎#PalYC‪

 عمار من لوبيا لاجئ في اليرموك: لا اريد ان اتحدث سياسة، مللنا من السياسة، انا اريد ان ارجع إلى لوبيا بلدي التي هجر اهلي منها عام 48. ‎#PalYC‪

 شاب فلسطيني يتحدث الآن عن حق الانتخاب المباشر لمنظمة التحرير الفلسطينية وتحديد من يمثلهم. ‎#PalYC‪

 عبير من سوريا: يجب وقف التفكير بماذا ياكل ويشرب اللاجيئ بل ما هي حقوقه. ‎#palYC‪

 مع انو يتحدث باسم النظام المجرم، بس حكى صح. المشكلة انو زهقنا استعمال النظام السوري لفلسطين عشان يبيض صفحتو. ‎#palYC‪

 سفير سوريا: قضية اللاجئين ليست انسانية بل سياسية. بلش يطخ عالمتحدثين امبارح. ‎#palYC‪

 سفير سوريا لدى الاتحاد الاوروبي يتحدث الآن! ‎#PalYC‪

#FF @nassarmohammed too who is tweeting from the #PalYC

Abir from Syria: people say no one ever asked us what are our needs. #PalYC

Abir from Syria: Palestinian refugees have mistrust in UNRWA.#PalYC

Lulu: We question the agenda behind every project done to Palestinians. #PalYC

Now Lulu from Gaza speaking #PalYC

its depressing that people think Palestinian refugees are beggars, we don’t look for mercy, rather political solutions. #PalYC

Farrow announces 10 million $ US funding to UNRWA programs with Palestinian youth refugees. #PalYC

Farrow: “We have opportunity to tab those youth energies for grass roots solutions.” ??? revolution for example!!!? #PalYC

Ronan Farrow, Clinton’s adviser on youth speaking now. #PalYC

Live Streaming from #PalYC:http://www.ustream.tv/channel/engagingyouth orhttp://www.unrwa.org/engagingyouth

Good morning. second day of #PalYC, it will start with Palestinian youth refugee panel.

Panel II: Economic Empowerment of Youth: Creating and Building Resources for the Economic Inclusion of Young Palestinians

Salem Ajluni, from UNRWA speaking now #palYC

Shawa appeals to Israeli private sector he says I’m business man not politician. (Capitalism knows no borders) #PalYC

Shawa: my question to Israel, are you happy whith a neighbor that his GDP growth is flat? #PalYC

Honestly, I don’t understand why the story of Bank of Palestine is important or relevant to #PalYC?

He refused, occupation closed the bank. they went to legal battle and won and re-opened the Bank. #PalYC

Occupation came to Bank of Palestine’s chairman in 1967 and told him u should change the name of the bank. #PalYC

Shawa: I see lots of commonalities between Palestinian refugees or Palestinian in OPT, we are all refugees, still without a country.#PalYC

reminder, you can send me your questions and comments to the panel and I can pass it to the moderator #PalYC

Hashim Shawa general director of Bank of PAlestine talking now.#PalYC

Nada Al-Nashif starts talking about the employment challenges to Palestinian youth. #PalYC

2 panels now, both live streamed.http://www.unrwa.org/engagingyouth Im in room 2 #PalYC

Panel III: Education: Building Capability of Palestine Refugees

Rami from Jordan shed light on the curriculum in UNRWA schools & says there is a need to study our narrative & identity. #PalYC

she asks why there is no high schools in camps run by UNRWA#PalYC

Abir, refugee in Syria, is talking about the education situation in the refugee camps’ schools. #PalYC

Jarbawi asked the youth refugee, what are you going to do next, how are you going to work to achieve your rights? #PalYC

Al-Alami: Reform in education for formal and non-formal education, quality education for learning and teaching. #PalYC

Al-Alami: in Education partnership is needed between civil society, public sector and international community. #PalCY

Bla bla bla area A B C… why you keep complaining on something you have created/agreed to? #PalYC

As East Jerusalemite she mentions her status as non citizen, can’t get Palestinian passport as she will lose her Jerusalem ID. #PalYC

Lamis AlAlami, Palestinian Minister of Education talks now. #PalYC

Elaine Unterhalter opens with philosophical introduction on equity!!#PalYC

Now session I’m attending is about Education of Palestine refugees. (Room two on the live streaming)http://www.unrwa.org/engagingyouth #PalYC


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3 thoughts on “Engaging youth: Palestine refugees in a changing MidEast.

  1. If I missed it where can I watch it again….can I ? pls send me an email to afk03@aub.edu.lb….am participating in this conference and I am not able to locate the video coverage right now.


  2. Dear Blogger Abeer ..
    i am Tarek Hamid from Lebanon,one of the youth participants in Engaging youth conference
    would you please tells us how to get the photos and the videos of the event


  3. I have been able to find some of the videos here but it doesn’t look like all the panels and discussions are on the website yet: http://ec.europa.eu/avservices/video/player.cfm?ref=84107. When will they make the entire conference available on video?


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