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Israelis on Facebook celebrating the death of Palestinian children


Following the news on the tragic accident today on Jaba road near Ramallah, due to clash of track with school bus, where at least nine children and one teacher were killed and tens were injuried, Israeli comments on facebook, were inhumane to say the least.

Comments on Israeli news website Walla’s post on it’s Facebook page about the accident, showed despicable satisfaction and celebration by Israelis and a disgraceful wish there will be more of such:

Benny: Calm down, they are Palestinian Children.

Tali: It seems like they are Palestinian children.. Thank God..

Tal: Thank God they are Palestinians

Ajala: Great less terrorists!!!!

Eliya: Only Palestinian children were injured about ten.

Itai: Thank God its Palestinians, let it be such bus every day.

Aleyah: calm down, Its a bus with Palestinian children, lets pray there will be deaths, or at least severe injuries, this is great news to start the day with.

End of translation.

Please note the likes on each one of the racist and hateful comments.

And no one tells me this is exception and not the Israeli mainstream.

UPDATE  February 17th

later on I found this screen shot on an Arab local website Bokra from Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamen Netanyahu’s officila Facebook page: 

Here is the translation of some racist and gloating comments on his statement offering aid for PA:

Itzik: They will ask for money, since money is more important for them than children who died.

Shlomi: He should offer them Baklawa* hhhhhhhhhhhhh

Aourya: Let the Arabs die, why would we offer them help, let them handle it themselves

Erez: Can we send another trailer?

Riki: Another 2 trailers hhhhhhhhhh

Eliran: I would send a convoy of double trailers to wipe out all these shits

End of translation

*Baklawa is an Arab sweet, served usually in joyful events

Haaretz reported yesterday on these racist comments including similar ones on the Israeli police Facebook page, which could not be found.


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33 thoughts on “Israelis on Facebook celebrating the death of Palestinian children

  1. Abir, Can you please add also a link to the FB page to the blog. Thank you for the post.


  2. Could you post the url to the Maan article? The link was not working. This is an unfortunate reaction by a people with such privilege. It almost sounds like they are happy about the accident. Seems a tragic thing that a state has bred and continues to raise up human beings capable of such hatred.


  3. israel kills kids by checkpoints and Israelis celebrate and hail the tragedy that claimed the lives of 10 Palestinian kids


    • I’m from Israel and
      FYI the coments Adir show to you have one simple purpese, to show to you the few people who make Israel look bed. second you will never understand the complesyty of the problem between Israel and the palastinian because you don’t live in Israel (by that to Tel Aviv)


  4. can we have a bigger picture, please.


  5. Dear Abir,

    Can I tell you that those horrible sentiments are the exception and not the rule? I think you know Israelis well enough to know that most Israelis have conflicting feelings regarding Palestinians, but are not willing or able to celebrate the death of children.
    This is a moment of great calamity, and the closer one feels to Palestinians and is able to see these children as one’s own children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, etc., the greater the sorrow and predicament. I won’t argue with you now, I appreciate your need to share your anger and fears; I hope, when the time is right, that we’ll be able to share our hopes and the practical plans for getting there.


    • From the perspective of a European observer of the Israel/Palestine conflict for the past twenty years I don’t believe that the reactions are the exception, after all, Israeli voters continuously elect hard-line, right wing extremist governments. The vast majority of the Israelis celebrated the slaughter in Gaza in 2008/2009 and have no problem living in the homes and land of dispossessed Palestinian who languish in the squalor of refugee camps for over 60 years. This sort of reaction is to be expected in a society born of injustice and violence that can only be sustained by continued violence and injustice.


  6. I am Israeli and I don’t know one person who would rejoice at the pain of any children-


  7. The report on ynet, Israel’s largest online news site, was 99% responses of sadness, and prayer for the families. Also, Israel sent the army, Israeli ambulance service Magen David Adom, and Zaka (a non-profit that provides first-responder services, as well as proper burial services according to Jewish tradition for violent deaths). The injured children were all sent to Israeli hospitals for treatment. Some were initially sent to the Ramallah hospital, but when it became clear that their injuries were very serious, they were transferred to Israeli hospitals where they could receive the care they needed.


    So you can choose to see a bunch of idiots as representatives of all of Israeli society, or take note of the fact that those out there working to save the injured children are all Israelis, and part of the Israeli government and public systems.


    • “Some were initially sent to the Ramallah hospital, but when it became clear that their injuries were very serious, they were transferred to Israeli hospitals where they could receive the care they needed.” Are we allowed to question why the hospital facilities in Ramallah are so inadequate, and those in Israel so very much better?


    • I’m sorry but i don’t believe it i mean you may be telling the truth but until the israelis get out of our homes i will never believe that they give a crap about our feelings, my aunt went to an israeli doctor about a year ago and he gave her medication that almost killed her.


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  9. Coudn’t stress enough that the accident happened in Area C under the direct responsibility of the Israeli army… Less than 100m of the Jabaa checkpoint. The first aides came from Ramallah after 20min … I am full of anger… For me 3 are responsible of that: 1. “IDF”, 2. Lack of civisme of the conductors who in front of my eyes were doubling and blocked the road, delaying the arrival of the first emergency help, 3. Politicians from both sides and the international community how know about this dangeourous road crossed by all Palestinians how want to go in and out of Ramallah… SHAME on all of us how accept this reality… SHAME on us how are not able to gather 10’000 people on Qalandia or other checkpoints blocking and emprising us and creating such situation … SHAME on us…


  10. عبير قبطي على ONTV
    Please stay strong.


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  15. The state of hate, Zionist Israel will always shows it’s true colors. Remember the infamous slaughter in Gaza, where 1500 innocent Palestinians perished, 400 tiny little Palestinian children were murdered by the most brutal and lethal Israeli weapons of mass killings. Although there are many peace loving and wonderful Israelis/Jews, that do not support such extreme view, the vast majority are extremely hateful, and that what needs to fundamentally change before any kind of meaningful Peace can happen between our two peoples….


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  18. i’m sorry to break it to you, but actually the percentage of the israeli population that actually does support such cynical hateful an disgusting speach acts is on the rise, together with other terribly racist and fascist discourses that have been gaining momentum in the past 10 years at least. why? there is a lot to say and analyze about how and why a population can become so dehumanized cruel in their thinking. fear is a good starting point. brainwash is what i always get back to when think about my childhood and youth. where you can start? make your anger heard. make it loud and stop fearing your friends will look at you funny – maybe they’ll understand. one day or the next – i hope it won’t be too late then.


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  21. Did nobody really noticed that this screenshot is a very bad photoshop at least at 3 places:
    1. The logo is much smaller than the real log on the FB of Walla
    2. the header has been shifted to the right. easy to see with the “like” rectangle
    3. the few bad comments have been taken out of more thana tents at the same timemoments. Easy to check today with a time stamp conversion:
    Time stamps (precision +/- 1 minute)
    8:28 = 41 minutes ago
    8:29 = 40 minutes ago
    8:30 = 39 minutes ago
    8:31 = 38 minutes ago
    8:32 = 37 minutes ago
    8:33 = 36 minutes ago
    8:34 = 35 minutes ago
    8:35 = 34 minutes ago
    8:36 = 33 minutes ago
    8:37 = 32 minutes ago


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