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Open Letter from Taiseer Khatib: Raise your voice against Apartheid


I’m bringing here a letter written and distributed by Taiseer Khatib, from Akka (Acre).Taiseer, his wife Lana and two children, Yusra (3) and Adnan (4), are one of the thousands families that will have to live apart, after the approval of Israel high court’s approval to the racist Citizenship Law. They face now a real and ‘legalized’ threat of deportation of Lana back to Jenin.  

Dear friends,

Those who are here and those who are spread all over the world, those in academic institutions, political parties, theatres, human rights organisations, students, workers, and everyone of You, please consider this email addressed to you personally.

Some of you might be aware of the latest racist Israeli supreme court decision from yesterday, that threatens to separate tens of thousands of Palestinian family members apart. This decision in addition to 25 laws and laws proposals are designed to segregate and discriminate against the Palestinian minority inside Israel. These racist laws have one goal: to bring to a situation where this state, should be only for a Pure race: Jewish!  The deportation can start with Palestinian spouses today who are married to Palestinians inside Israel, but tomorrow it will be the overwhelming majority of Palestinians in Israel, if not all !

Yes, i feel very pessimistic! Yes i feel that a deportation of my wife and its separation from me and from my children is real ! It is a black day in my life and the life of tens of thousands of people in my situation! Deportation had not only become real but legalized!

I am writing to ask you to act in the name of humanity and human rights, which the Israeli supreme court had legalized a war against them, as it declared the war against us, we the “other”, it gave the green light for all security services to act in the name of LAW! The supreme court was the last shelter for defending human rights in Israel, and now it had shut its doors to Rights, and kept the Humans (Palestinians) out without any protection.

Below you will find some articles explaining the current racist law and also some articles or interviews with me and my family, there is also the TV interview (in Hebrew).  Please contribute your part in fighting Israeli racism and spread the word, articles, and all what you find in regard of this law to ALL your friends in your Email, social networks, facebeook, twiter, and others, in order to raise the awareness mainly in Europe and in US to what is going on inside the so called “Democratic” state of Israel. Please do not let it stop by your email, spread and make the voice loud against this racist and discriminative actions!

To all of you who sent me emails, called, and express their solidarity with our case, i would like to say thank you, (especially my Israeli friends who denounced the law and told me, that the law doesn’t speak in their name, and that they feel ashamed of such a decision,) for expressing solidarity with yourselves in the first level, and with me and my family on the second level, Racism against the Palestinians inside Israel, will not stop by them, it will continue further to the Jewish Israeli society, as it is becoming clear in the last period.

I will end my email with a citation from the great intellectual Said:

Remember  the solidarity shown to Palestine here and everywhere… and remember also that there is a cause to which many people have committed themselves, difficulties  and terrible obstacles notwithstanding. Why? Because it is a just cause, a notable ideal, a moral quest for equality and human rights.” 

Edward  Said

I hope this just cause can get to as much as people as you can, as it is one of the last ways of fighting fascist decisions, raise your voice against the Apartheid!













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15 thoughts on “Open Letter from Taiseer Khatib: Raise your voice against Apartheid

  1. sharing this for sure ..


  2. Thank you Haitham. شكرا


  3. What I don’t understand is while you cite solidarity with Palestinians you have not made a single post about Palestinian persecution in Lebanon, it happens on a systematic basis and on a grand scale but doesn’t deserve your attention?

    As far as I’m concerned you delegitimize the plight of the Palestinians and paint yourself as an Anti-Israeli rather than a human rights activist.



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  5. Israel’s apartheid is one of the most extreme apartheid systems ever existed. As Israeli leaders proclaim that Israel is “The only democracy in Middle East”, Israel is anything but democratic. All any one has to see is Israel’s daily action on the ground. The way Israel has and is treating the indeginous Palestinian People leaves a whole lot to be desired, in short, Israel’s apartheid is to the extreme.
    Israeli only Roads, Schools, Hospitals, neighborhoods, Settlements, if that weren’t enough, new passed Israeli laws go even ferther, and then the icing on the cake, Israeli can not marry Palestinian. So, as the saying goes, if it looks like a duck, walks like a douck, quaks like a duck,guess what, it is a DUCK….


  6. I’m sorry to read your one-sided article. So much hatred, Antisematism and inaccuracy. I wonder why these days when hundreds of Muslims are being slaughtered by Muslims (Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Gaza) – you chose to focus on the Israeli law you call Aparthied. Do you really believe Israel should commit suicide? (The answer is most likely yes). I am a US citizen and America doesn’t let anyone in automatically. Same goes for EU. Is that Aparthied too?!


    • Malcolm,
      i do not think that anyone is happy with the situation in the arabic world, BUT i am sorry to say that without the help-how many weapons has been sold to this countries and how many billion of $ and € have been gained out of this dirty business- of the US and EU , these countries and their regims will never had the power to stand .
      I know Taisir and i know what it means for him home and he is indeed frusrated but he still a citizen of what you called the only DEMOCRATIC Country in middle east, why on hell he could not choose where to live and how to live.


  7. I will share this with my friends and family to try to spread the word. That is the least I can do to help fight the unjust law. الله معك


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  12. You are not alone.


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