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Palestine chants for #Egypt


Palestinian youth took today Tuesday, November 22nd to the street for a demo at Almanarah square in Ramallah to support Egyptian revolution, take two.

Hundreds of people showed up, we walked the streets chanting in support of Egyptians and all other revolutions. The chant “Down with military rule, down with all military rules” was loud and powerful.

It was important for us to hold this demo in parallel to the “Million people” march happening in Egypt today.

This is not the first and will not be the last demonstration we hold in support of our Arab peers, we took to the streets to support the Tunisians, and continued to go out in support of Egyptians, Libyans, Syrians, Yemenis, Bahrainis and any actions striking for dignity and freedom.

We share our Arab comrades same aspirations and same dreams, it is all about freedom, dignity and justice. So when our peers take to the streets, and get brutally oppressed, we can’t stay home.

Scenes of dead corpse drawn to the garbage, people losing their eyes and people take to the street with open chests against the fire, are what we go to sleep with. These scenes are repeating also in Syria, Yemen and other places. We admire the courage of these people!

Our long history of revolutions and resistance against occupation, apartheid and colonialism, taught us, that our duty, is to stand up against any kind of oppression, anywhere in the world, the more so, in the Arab World.

We, as many in the Arab world, fear the International intervention, the west colonialism, that, with no doubt, is working on plans to direct, disrupt or control these revolutions. The Egyptian people are going out to the streets to say no to the oppressor SCAF, who is backed by Americans and some powerful Gulf countries.

Military brutal regime is not what Egyptians scarified their life for. They want to see their revolution complete, they have come to the conclusion that the job is not done yet. And we support them until the end.

The demonstration in Ramallah shows the significance of the Arab revolutions in uniting us across the Arab World, after long time the tyrants managed to keep us separated, minding our own businesses. This era is over, and the good is yet to come.

Ramallah November 22nd


Author: abirkopty

Writer, blogger and journalist.

2 thoughts on “Palestine chants for #Egypt

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  2. Great post Abir, you’re correct, the Arab masses must unite in the face of tyranny on all levels. Egypt was and still is the cradle of democracy, supporting the Egyptian people is a must for all Arabs. We Palestinians know first hand about injustice tyranny and occupation, we’re under the most heinous and brutal regimes that ever existed, Israel’s brutal occupation and mistreatment of Palestinians for so long, is only making us stronger and more determined to stay the course of resistance and steadfastness. Palestinian people will persevere and triumph soon…


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